Passenger Steamer Alexandra

Passenger Steamer Alexandra

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Passengership Wappen von Borkum

Passengership Wappen von Borkum


Passenger Steamer Alexandra

Manufacturer: HMV Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
Scale: 1/250
Skill Level: medium
Size (LxWxH): 146x30x71 mm (5x1x2 inch)
Shipping weight: 0.060 kg
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The passenger steamer Alexandra is one of Flensburg’s landmarks. This model convinces with its exceptional graphics and filigree details.

A very detailed and accurate model of the well known passerger steamer Alexandra from Flensburg was on top of the wish list of many modellers not only from the North of Germany. With this model this dream came true and the level of detail of this little jewel is quite impressing.

The model shows the state of Alexandra around 2012 – as a museum ship in Flensburg. There are many table, benches, and other inventory on the upper decks and they’re all part of the model. A detailed life boat and an accurate anchor winch are included as well. And even with this high level of details Alexandra is not too difficult to build and fits together very well.

The model highlights:

  • detailed life boat
  • Precise deck design
  • Appealing decks structure
  • banks and bar for passengers
  • accurate anchor winch

More Information
Product typePapermodel
ManufacturerHMV Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
DesignerBenjamin Fentens
Sheet sizeDIN A4
Parts without alternative parts305
Length146 mm (5.75 inch)
Width30 mm (1.18 inch)
Height71 mm (2.8 inch)
BauanleitungGerman, English, Pictures

Technical data:

  • shipyard: Janssen & Schmilinski, Hamburg
  • comissioning: 31/05/1908
  • length: 36.96 m
  • width: 7.17 m
  • top speed: 12 Kn
  • crew: 7 seamen and 6 staff
  • passengers:150

The passenger steamer Alexandra was commissioned in May 1908 by „Vereinigten Flensburg-Ekensunder und Sonderburger Dampfschiffsgesellschaft" During World War I she was converted into an outpost boat of flakship. After liquidation of the „Dampfschiffsgesellschaft“ Alexandra was taken over by the shipping company „Fördereederei“.

From 1939 to 1945 Alexandra was in service as a pilot cutter in the Baltic Sea and diving vessel in Gdańsk Bay. In 1945 she transported thousands of refugees to the Wilhelm Gustloff in Gotenhafen. In the last days of the war she returned to Schleswig Holstein with more refugees. The trip was quite adventurous and risky. The captain and his crew barely managed to escape sinking.

From 1946 till 1975 Alexandra was in regular service in the Fjord of Flensburg and on the route from Flensburg to Glücksburg. On August 31st in 1975 Alexandra was decommissioned due to her high costs of maintenance and slowly deteriorated in Flensburg harbour. In January 1980 an association was founded with the purpose of saving steam powered ships of the fjord named "Verein zur Förderung dampfgetriebenerFördeschiffe e.V.". This association was later renamed into "Förderverein Salondampfer Alexandra e.V.". First efforts were made to maintain and restore the ship and in 1982 Alexandra was officially recognised as cultural monument by the authorities.

On October 1st in 1986 finally the shipping comapny transfered the steamer to the association. The association on the other hand had to commit to completely restore the steamer Alexandra to her former glory.

Since then the hull was completely rebuilt, the engine was repaired and a lot of work to restore the superstructure and interior was done, too. Alexandra got a new propeller, a new base for the steam tank, and some of the underwater plating was renewed as well. The complete of work that was done is pretty long.

Because of various generous donations and the unbelievable efforts of the volunteer crew Alexandra is as good as new and in some technical aspects even better and more modern of course than back in 1908 when she was commissioned.

Since 1989 the association offers a regular service from May to September on the Fjord of Flensburg. Alexandra is a regular guest at the big ship event “Kieler Woche” and also the host for the well known “Flensburger Dampf Rundum”.

You can find even more information on Alexandra on the association’s website

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