Modern Harbor Boats

Modern Harbor Boats

Harbor Diorama Hamburg

Harbor Diorama Hamburg


Modern Harbor Boats

Manufacturer: HMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
Scale: 1/250
Skill Level: easy
Length: 85 mm (3.35 inch)
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This model kit is perfect for HMV beginners, diorama builders, and of course as something to build inbetween. Eight little and nice models with different skill levels that simply belong into every modern harbour.

The first idea for this model was to create something that should be suitable for HMV-beginners but still be interesting for more experienced modelers as well. Till Schade was definitely up to the task and he managed to design a beautiful model kit which is a lot of fun to build.

The included models have different skill demands. While the customs boats are pretty easy to build, the little tug boat already has quite a few details to master. But one thing is for sure - these models are all interesting and perfect for a diorama.

The model highlights:

  • eight models included
  • accurate lifting gear for the bridge of the little tug boat
  • life boats
  • masts
  • suitable for beginners

More Information
Product typePapermodel
ManufacturerHMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
DesignerTill Schade
Sheet sizeDIN A4
Parts incl. alternative parts289
Length85 mm (3.35 inch)
BauanleitungGerman, English, Pictures

Technical data:

  • custom boats Oevelgönne and Lüneburg
  • launch: 1988 / 1989
  • administrative office Oevelgönne: Hauptzollamt, Hamburg-Hafen
  • administrative office Lüneburg: Wasserzolldienst im Hafen von Emden
  • length: 17.25 m
  • displacement: ca. 20 tons
  • top speed: 23 kn
  • engines: 2 x 12 cylinder diesel engines
  • power: 2 x 430 PSi
  • pilot cutters Stein and Laboe
  • shipyard: A/S Fjellstrand Aluminium Yachts, Omastrand, Norwegen
  • launch: 1982
  • length: 16.00 m
  • draught: 1.22 m
  • displacement: 27.6 BRT
  • top speed: 18 kn
  • engines: 2 x MAN D 2542 MLE
  • power: 2 x 490 PSi
  • harbour police 20 und 22
  • shipyard: Ernst Menzer, Hamburg-Bergedorf
  • launch: 1994 Afrikahöft, 1991 Amerikahöft
  • administrative office: Hamburger Wasserschutzpolizei
  • length: 19.0 m
  • draught: 1.46 m
  • engines: 2x MTU; 360 Kw
  • special tug boat Moin
  • commissioning: 24/01/2009
  • length: 18.50 m
  • width: 6.20 m
  • draught: 1.80 – 2.20 m
  • power: 2 x 600 PSi
  • minimum bollard pull: 16 t
  • lighter
  • length: 20.86 m
  • width: 6.60 m
  • cargo capacity: 200 tons

The pilot cutters originally had the word LOTSE (German for pilot) on their hull sides. But in the course of globilasation this was changed to the international wording PILOT. To save time and money the boats were not completely repainted but the "LOT" was left only the two letters "PI" were added. That is why on "Laboe" this lettering is far from being centered. Later German pilots complained so much about the new wording because they did not want to be named pilots as pilot of an airplane, that today the lettering is back to "LOTSE" on these small boats.

The little tug boat "MOIN" and her little sister "Christian" were built by Schramm Group in Brunsbüttel. These tug boats of the type "NavTug 18 TS push" had to fulfill a long list of requirements. The first built tug "Moin" went to "Hafen Service Hamburg GmbH". After only six months service in Hamburg "Moin" and her sister went around the world to Australia. The oil company Chevron chartered both tugs for a bis construction site in a protected offshore area. The reason why these boats were chosen was that they're both relatively ecofriendly and pollution with emissions and noise is comparetively low.

These types of lighters was developed in the sixties in order to replace the typical Hamburg lighter used until then. The square cargo bay is suitable for containers and can be closed with sliding hatch covers. And in contrast to the classical lighters these new lighters not only can be towed but also pushed in a pusher train.

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