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I had an account in your old Onlineshop. Can I use the same account?

We have migrated all active accounts from our old Onlineshop. For security reasons we have not migrated any passwords. Please use "Forgot Your Password" function with your old accounts email address.

What is the current state of my order in the old Onlineshop?

Orders from our old Onlineshop will be shipped as usual.

Due to technical reasons we were unable to migrate any orders to your customer account in our new Onlineshop. If you have any questions about an order from the old store, please use our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with details about your order.


Payment methods

We offer:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) via Paypal
  • Paypal Installments
  • SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (only for deliveries to addresses in Germany)
  • Pay Now with Online Banking / Sofort Überweisung (Direct transfer from your bank account through Sofort GmbH, a member of Klarna Group. Only possible for Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands)
  • Payment in advance (We will send you our bank details with your order confirmation. Once you have paid the amount in full, we will dispatch the delivery as soon as it is complete)

Informationen zur Paypal Ratenzahlung

Wie lange ist die Laufzeit der Ratenzahlung?

Die Laufzeit beträgt 12 Monate

Wie hoch ist der effektive Jahreszins?


Wie hoch ist der Mindestbestellwert?

Der Mindestbestellwert für Ratenzahlung beträgt 99 Euro

Gibt es einen maximalen Bestellwert?

Der maximale Bestellwert für Ratenzahlung beträgt 5000 Euro


Shipping cost

We charge 3,90 € incl. VAT for freight in Germany. We offer free delivery for orders above 50 € in Germany.

Country of delivery Shipping cost incl. VAT Free delivery for orders above
Germany 3,90  50 € inkl. MwSt.


Shipping cost for other countries:

European Union

Country of delivery Shipping cost incl. VAT
Austria / Österreich 8,90 
Belgium / Belgique / België 8,90 
Bulgaria / България 8,90 
Croatia / Hrvatska 8,90 
Czech Republic / Česká republika 8,90 
Cyprus 8,90 
Denmark / Danmark 8,90 
Estonia / Eesti 8,90 
Finland / Suomi 8,90 
France 8,90 
Greece / Ελλάδα 8,90 
Hungary / Magyarország 8,90 
Ireland 8,90 
Italy / Italia 8,90 
Latvia / Latvija 8,90 
Lithuania / Lietuva 8,90 
Luxembourg 8,90 
Malta 8,90 
Netherlands / Nederland 8,90 
Poland / Polska 8,90 
Portugal 8,90 
Romania / România 8,90 
Sweden / Sverige 8,90 
Slovakia / Slovenská republika 8,90 
Slovenia / Slovenija 8,90 
Spain / España 8,90 
United Kingdom 8,90 


World wide shipping

Country of delivery Shipping cost
Albania / Shqipëria 8,90 
Andorra 8,90 
Argentina 25,00 
Australia 25,00 
Belarus / Республика Белоруссия 8,90 
Bosnia and Herzegovina 8,90 
Brazil / Brasil 25,00 
Canada 25,00 
Iceland / Ísland 8,90 
Japan / 日本 25,00 
Liechtenstein 8,90 
Macedonia, Republic of / Македонија 8,90 
Mexico / México 25,00 
Moldova, Republic of 8,90 
Monaco 8,90 
Montenegro / Црна Гора 8,90 
New Zealand 25,00 
Norway / Norge 8,90 
Philippines 25,00 
Russian Federation / Россия 25,00 
San Marino 8,90 
Serbia / Србија 8,90 
Singapore 25,00 
Switzerland / Suisse 8,90 
Turkey / Türkiye 25,00 
Ukraine / Україна 8,90 
United States 25,00 
Vatican City State / Holy See 8,90 
Other countries, not listed 25,00