Light Cruiser SMS Undine

Light Cruiser SMS Undine

Ship of the Line SMS Baden

Ship of the Line SMS Baden

Armored Steamer SMS Wespe and SMS Natter

Armored Steamer SMS Wespe and SMS Natter


Light Cruiser SMS Undine

Manufacturer: HMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
Scale: 1/250
Skill Level: very difficult
Size (LxWxH): 420x70x160 mm (16x2x6 inch)
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Infinite construction fun on 42 cm! That’s what our model of S.M.S. Undine offers. The high level of details that you expect from HMV and the star designer Peter Brandt guarantees perfect fitting and lots of fun from the start to the last parts!

This model of S.M.S. Undine can be built as a waterline model or with a full hull. Peter Brandt designed the underwater part in a new technique that he created. Thus the usual “rings” of underwater sections of paper models won’t be an issue with this model. The cutting edges are hidden through the junctions of the plating as well.

The level of detail is high but also consistent. Many units have alternative parts and thus can be built in an easier way if wanted. With the separately sold Lasercut Set this model kit can be transformed into an absolute dream model.

The model highlights:

  • can be built as waterline or full hull model
  • casemates optional open
  • detailed masts
  • rudder indicator
  • searchlights
  • filigree masts

More Information
Product typePapermodel
ManufacturerHMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
DesignerPeter Brandt
Difficultyvery difficult
Sheet sizeDIN A4
Parts incl. alternative parts908
Length420 mm (16.54 inch)
Width70 mm (2.76 inch)
Height160 mm (6.3 inch)
BauanleitungGerman, English, Pictures

Technical data:

  • shipyard: Howaldtswerke Kiel
  • launch: 1/12/1902
  • 1. commissioning: 5/1/1904
  • classification: Light cruiser
  • sister ships: Amazone, Arcona, Ariadne, Frauenlob, Gazelle, Medusa, Niobe, Nymphe, Thetis
  • class: Gazelle class
  • length: 105 m
  • width: 12.7 m
  • displacement 2,706/3,112 t
  • depth: 4.2/4.8 m
  • power: 8,000 Psi
  • top speed: 21.5 Kn
  • armament: 10 x 10.5 cm autocannons, 10 x 3.7 cm autocannons, 10 x 0.8 cm machine guns

S.M.S. Undine was the last ship to be built of the Gazelle class at the shipyard Howaldtswerft in Kiel. On 5/1/1904 the cruiser was commissioned for sea trials. As part of these trials the new gyrocompass was tested as well.

Already on 23/3/1904 Undine was decommissioned again and only in January 1905 she took over the job as artillery cadet ship and replaced the old corvette Carola.

During a night operation in October 1905 with the 4th Torpedoboat division the leading ship of that division S 126 got in the way of S.M.S. Undine and was overrun by her which actually cut S 126 in half. The torpedo boat sank immediately. The second boat in line was S 127 and she ran in to the stern of the sinking ship. S 127 was severely damaged and Undine towed her back to Kiel.

In 1910 S.M.S. Undine was able to assist the steamer Nordstern who was in distress at sea. S.M.S. Undine was able to tow Nordstern to the harbour in Kiel. On the 12th of July in 1912 she was decommissioned and after some repairs added to the reserve fleet. When World War 1 started the light cruiser Undine was brought back from reserve and added to the coastal border protection. For a short time under vice admiral Mischke she was the flag ship of this division, too.

The history of S.M.S. Undine came to a very sudden end when she escorted the ferry boat Preußen from Trelleborg to Saßnitz on the 7th of November in 1915. During this journey she was hit by two torpedos from the British submarine E 19. S.M.S. Undine sank quickly over her bow. The forward funnel and mast tilted to portside and killed several swimming crew members. The survivors were saved by the ferry boat Preußen and torpedo boat V154.

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